Minutes and Agendas

School Governance Team (SGT)

Agendas and Minutes

Agenda 08/2021 Not Applicable
Agenda 09/2021 Not Applicable
Agenda 10/2021 SGT Agenda 10-6-21.pdf
Agenda 12/2021 SGT Agenda 12-14-21.pdf
Agenda 1/2022 SGT Agenda 1-18-22.pdf
  SGT Agenda 1-24-22.pdf
Minutes 11/2021 SGT Minutes 11-30-21.pdf
Minutes 1/2022 SGT Minutes 1-4-22.pdf
SGT Minutes 1-18-22.pdf
Agenda 12/2020
SGT Agenda 12-15-20.pdf
Agenda 01/2021 SGT Agenda 01-26-21.pdf
Agenda 02/2021
SGT Agenda 02-23-21.pdf
Agenda 02/2021-Rescheduled
SGT Agenda 02-23-21 RESCHEDULED.pdf
Agenda 04/27/2021
SGT Agenda 04-27-21.pdf
Minutes 12/2020 SGT Minutes 12-15-20.pdf
Minutes 01/2021
SGT Minutes 1-26-21.pdf
Minutes 03/2021
SGT Minutes 3-19-21.pdf
Minutes 04/2021  
Minutes 05/2021 SGT Minutes 5-25-21.pdf

School Site Council (SSC)

Agendas and Minutes

Agenda 08/2021 SSC Agenda 8-24-2021.pdf
Agenda 10/2021 SSC Agenda 10-6-21.pdf
Agenda 12/2021 SSC Agenda 12-14-21.pdf
Agenda 1/2022 SSC Agenda 1-18-22.pdf
  SSC Agenda 1-24-22.pdf
Minutes 08/2021 SSC Minutes 8-24-21.pdf 
Minutes 11/2021 SSC Minutes 11-30-21.pdf
Minutes 12/2021 SSC Minutes (12-14-21) 1-4-22.pdf
Minutes 1/2022 SSC Minutes 1-18-22.pdf
Agenda 12/2020
SSC Agenda 12-15-20.pdf
Agenda 01/2021
SSC Agenda 01-26-21.pdf
Agenda 02/2021
SSC Agenda 02-23-21.pdf
Agenda 02/2021-Rescheduled
SSC Agenda 03-02-2021 RESCHEDULED.pdf
Agenda 04/2021
SSC Agenda 04-27-2021.pdf
Minutes 12/2020
SSC Minutes 12-15-20.pdf
Minutes 01/2021
SSC Minutes 1-26-2021.pdf
Minutes 03/2021
SSC Minutes 3-2-2021.pdf
Minutes 05/2021 SSC Minutes 5-25-2021.pdf
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